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  • Don't let allergy (or treating it) spoil your summer
  • How it works
  • Easy to use
  • Clinically proven
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Don't let allergy (or treating it) spoil your summer.

There is now a clinically proven remedy from the Care range of family medicines that is both fast acting and guaranteed to be non-drowsy.

Care Allergy Defence is a unique nasal powder spray that is antihistamine and steroid free. It reinforces the body's own defences by forming a physical shield against airborne allergens, making treating hayfever and other allergies a walk in the park.

Each bottle supplies 30 days treatment.

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How it works

Care Allergy Defence uses 'Nasaleze' technology to stop the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

It is a powder that reacts with moisture in the nose to become an invisible, but effective, barrier that blocks airborne allergens like dust, pollen and germs from getting into the body. This stops the body's natural defence system from releasing histamine so symptoms like runny nose and itchy, watery eyes are avoided.

Because it has a physical action and is not absorbed by the body, Care Allergy Defence does not interact with any other medicines and is safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women to use.

It is suitable for children from 18 months (under supervision).

Easy to use

People testing Care Allergy Defence have found it simple and comfortable to use with no powder residue and no feeling of it being present in the nose.

When the bottle is squeezed, air forces powder up the hollow tube. The air and powder travel up the hollow delivery tube to the nozzle. The nozzle delivers a fine mist of powder


  • Gently blow your nose, then shake the bottle, breathe out and place a finger over one nostril to close it.
  • Place the Care Allergy Defence bottle nozzle in the other nostril and slowly but firmly push the sides of the bottle together to deliver one 'puff' of powder while inhaling gently.
  • Wait 2 seconds and inhale gently to help the powder penetrate the nasal passages.
  • Then repeat for the other nostril.

Clinically Proven

Care Allergy Defence is clinically proven to stop sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes and is effective for hayfever, dust and pet allergies.

Clinical trials carried out since 2003 have assessed the efficacy and safety of preventing allergy with the powder in Care Allergy Defence.

These tests showed that this treatment is proven:

  • to significantly reduce the effects of hayfever symptoms
  • to reduce symptoms in 90% of sufferers
  • to reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis due to dust mite
  • to be safe for children to use

It was noted that the treatment had the ability to stop a sneezing fit in minutes, sometimes even in seconds and that antihistamines do not do this.

*Data on file, Thornton & Ross Ltd.

Case histories

Adult 54 years old

"I didn't suffer from hayfever as a child and developed it for the first time in my early 40s. I suffered with runny eyes, constant sneezing and an itchy nose. The symptoms were highly unpleasant and made me feel very unwell. It meant that I had no social life and it also got so bad I couldn't play golf, which I had always enjoyed in the Summer. The symptoms started in late Spring and lasted all Summer. The only reason I can think of for developing it later in life is that I moved house at about the same time as I first started getting hayfever. The house is built on old farm land so there could be more pollen around.

I manage my hayfever by using Care Allergy Defence (which used to be called Nasaleze) - it's a completely natural nasal spray which blocks the pollen from getting into my system. It's very effective and drug free which I prefer. I'm not keen on taking things like steroids and antihistamines. I use it twice a day and it stops my sneezing and hayfever symptoms so I can even get in a round of golf!"

Child 6 years old

"My six year old son Elliott started getting hayfever symptoms at the age of four. To start with, our doctor said that Elliott's sneezing, blocked nose and itchy eyes were due to an allergic reaction to the family cat. But as his cousins suffer with hayfever and asthma, I was on the look out for possible symptoms in Elliott. We live next door to a large open field and when the grass was cut, Elliott really suffered - his nose was so blocked he had problems breathing. I didn't want to start using antibiotics, antihistamines or steroid sprays for such a young child.

My pharmacist recommended Care Allergy Defence because it doesn't contain any drugs. Elliott is quite happy to have it squirted into his nose because it stops his hayfever and he can go out to play with his friends - even in the cut grass. Now he's started primary school, he takes it in with him and I feel reassured to know that he's taking something without drugs that's really doing the job."

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